HR & Risk Management

The administration of human resources is a critical function in every organization. This area is very dynamic and needs to have a team of dedicated professionals to keep pace with current law changes. Grandeur Management’s Human Resources administers all human resource and risk management practices and initiatives. Policies, procedures, practices and standards contribute to our company’s culture and values.  Human Resources administers Grandeur’s manpower planning and recruitment, benefits administration, directs and monitors development programs, labor and contract negotiations, legal compliance, and consults to training and development.

Risk management protects our people assets for both “employees” and “guests”, including our physical property assets. Our risk management initiatives provide the tools to manage and control risks, improve our loss experience, and assist our owners in getting the most competitive insurance value possible for the properties we operate. Through our risk efforts we provide field support with risk awareness programs for our management teams in achieving our safety and financial goals. Our general managers play a critical role in implementing risk management programs and monitoring their cost effectiveness through safety awareness training

Associate Benefits

Legally reviewed handbooks and personnel file information.
Mandatory background and drug testing at hiring
Assistance with personnel files set-up and record retention.
Audits of personnel file information to verify correct hiring, disciplinary and termination procedures.

Training and Development
On-site property training conducted by a contracted corporate trainer
Off-site management training to include work place violence, harassment and hiring/termination procedures
On-site climate interviews conducted by independent third party

Coordination of payroll with payroll service
Preparation of all required payroll tax deposits and returns
Bi-weekly review of payroll information including employee name, address, social security number and rate of pay
Garnishment and new hire reporting

Oversight over proper personnel files set-up and maintenance
Internal audit of personnel files to verify proper segregation of materials

Risk Management
Verification of adherence to OSHA laws through independent audit by outsourced third party.
Verification of adherence to franchise standards and audits of required logs and committee meeting
Health care trust administration
Internal payroll processing system
Fully automated human resource information system
Active college recruiting program
Employee focus group facilitation
Leadership development training programs
Multi-lingual employee opinion surveys
Behavioral interviewing structure
Labor law compliance support
Annual human resource departmental audits
401(k) administration